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Entrepreneurial Spirit.


Wexler & Kaufman, PLLC understands entrepreneurs and the mindset needed to create something new. We are well equipped to assist in helping set up or grow your existing business. From forming a corporation, to setting up a sole proprietorship and all possibilities in between, WK Legal guides you on the best structure to create for your company. During the entire process, WK Legal helps protect our clients against some of the risks and obstacles that may be part of real estate transactions.

We specialize in forecasting and predicting possible problems in a transaction before they become onerous to our clients' costs and time. While we offer solutions to business disputes with top notch negotiators, we are also ready to go to court with our with our team of highly trained attorneys.

After we have successfully helped get your business running, WK legal is the team to help protect it. We act as alias on between you and your financial partners, tax advisors, and insurance to ensure you business will last well into the future.