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Real Estate

The experienced team at WK Legal has a broad understanding of all parts of the real estate realm and its processes including the purchasing, offering, renting and financing of both residential and commercial properties.  Read more. 



The same commitment to communication, details and deadlines that we bring to residential and commercial real estate clients characterizes our service to major national and regional mortgage originators as well. From strong technological capabilities to responsible representation at the point of transaction, Wexler & Kaufman, PLLC consummates real estate financings of varying complexities. Read more. 



Wexler & Kaufman, PLLC understands entrepreneurs and the mindset needed to create something new. We are well equipped to assist in helping set up or grow your existing business. From forming a corporation, to setting up a sole proprietorship and all possibilities in between, WK Legal guides you on the best structure to create for your company. During the entire process, WK Legal helps protect our clients against some of the risks and obstacles that may be part of real estate transactions. Read more.



While we do a good deal in the way of real estate transactions, the Wexler & Kaufman, PLLC has developed a significant estate planning law practice, providing wills, trusts and probate services, counsel and litigation for all kinds of estates. This practice is a natural offshoot of our residential and commercial real estate practices – after all, real estate is a significant, if not always the largest, component in most of our clients’ estates. Read more.



Experienced litigators in all NYC boroughs, Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester and Rockland counties, WK Legal is committed to providing you with the best counsel. In addition, we also serve clients in the rest of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Federal courts. We provide a sober understanding of the entire case and what our client's best options are. Whether the situation calls for litigators, arbitrators, mediators or negotiators, WK Legal's highly trained team can competently represent you on all fronts. Read more.



At Wexler & Kaufman, PLLC, we understand the complex web of laws surrounding landlords and tenants and we sympathize with our tenant clients who have the added stress of the law combined with their living situation, as well as property owners and landlords who are experiencing hostile or negligent renters. Read more.